• Demonstration of the TWIN LAYER (TL) prototype for treatment of 12 m3/day wastewater from the secondary treatment along the two years of planned operation to produce a quality final effluent compliant with stringent requirements for discharge in sensitive zones (estuaries, reservoirs, protected areas…) according to the Directive 91/271/EEC, the general guidelines of the World Health Organization on water reuse and the Spanish Decree R.D. 1620/2007 on water reuse.

Total treated wastewater 7.300 m3 during the project

  • Uptaking of 90-100% of nutrients (N and P) from wastewater (previous analytical shows Total N 38.33 mg/L, and Total Phosphorus 5.07 mg/L present in wastewater):

248 to 276 Kg of N captured by microalgae during the project

32.9 to 36.5 Kg of P captured by microalgae during the project

  • Development a concept for transformation of TL microalgae harvested into a biofertilizer marketable product.
  • Formulation and production of biofertilizers from microalgae in two seasons, compatible with high agronomical standards of sustainable farming and present and future EU regulations (Biowaste, End of Waste, New Harmonized Fertilizers Regulation in preparation and Organic Farming regulations (Regulation 2006/799/CE ecolabel for organic amendments, Regulation 2007/64/CE ecolabel for substrates and growing media, Regulation (EC) 834/2007 of fertilizers and soil conditioners suitable for EU organic farming).

Total amount of biofertilizers produced during the project: 20.000 kg

At least 3 new products will be formulated from 3 biofertilizers lines with at least 1 product at commercial stage for each:

300 L for Suspensions/Foliar product

100 Kg for powdered product

50 Kg for micro-granulated product

  • Agronomical evaluation of the microalgae derived biofertilizers by the performance of two seasons laboratory and greenhouse tests, and two seasons agronomical microplots field trials (in 2 different crops in Northern Italy and 4 different crops in Spain) by comparison with organic, integrated and conventional (chemicals and pesticides inputs) agricultural systems.
  • Development of a water reuse trial for the irrigation of the green areas in “El Viso WWTP” with the TWIN-LAYER treated effluent monitoring the water quality according to the Spanish Decree RD 1670/2007 on Water reuse (Human nematodes, Escherichia coli, Total suspended solids, Turbidity, Total N and P)
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