• The main project’s objective is to demonstrate the technical, economical and environmental feasibility of an advanced nutrient removal technology, the TWIN-LAYER system, to address the environmental problem of point source pollution and to foster the compliance with European policies in small and medium size agglomerations, providing new solutions for EU environmental problems and contributing to sustainable development with a remarkable European added value for development EU policy and legislation.
  • LIFE + TL-BIOFER project aims to close the global biogeochemical cycle of nitrogen and phosphorus, deeply affected by anthropogenic activities, simultaneously addressing water pollution and mineral fertilizers substitution. Key drivers are:
    • Protection of natural water from eutrophication by reducing N and P discharges from small and medium size waste water treatment plants.
    • To foster the compliance of the Directive 91/271/EEC on urban wastewater treatment for small and medium size waste water treatment plants and for discharges on sensitive areas through advanced microalgae culture technology for tertiary treatment.
    • To facilitate the reuse of treated waste water and the recovery of nutrients through advanced microalgae based biofertilizers.
  • The project also aims to serve as a model for an extensive deployment on many other sites shifting the progress in the nutrient removal step on wastewater treatment in medium and small size populations and wastewater treatment plants, which is a big challenge within the next decades in the European Union.
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