LIFE+ TL-BIOFER PROJECT – Technical Workshop: nitrogen and phosphorus removal in wastewater

 In Highlights

EMPROACSA, in collaboration with all project partners, organized a technical conference in Cordoba on June 28, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the LIFE + Program, to deepen the European project LIFE + TL-BIOFER “Nutrients and regenerated water recycling in WWTPs through twin-layer microalgae culture for biofertilizers production”.

At the meeting, other LIFE projects were presented, achieving the objective of publicizing the progress made to wastewater treatment companies, waste managers, consultants, equipment manufacturers, research organizations, universities and administrations, among others.

In addition, possible synergies and collaborations with other related projects linked to the treatment of wastewater and the application of microalgae have been sought. The day, in which experts participated in wastewater treatment, concluded with a visit to the pilot plant installed in the sewage treatment plant (WWTP) of El Viso-Villaralto.

To finish the workshop, the pilot plant installed in the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of El Viso-Villaralto was visited, where the development of the work carried out in the construction and operation of the prototype was observed.

The presentations of this event are available in the following link:

– Cordoba Workshop on Nutrients removal in WWTPs

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