Final Workshop of Life+ TL-BIOFER Project

 In Highlights

The Final TL-BIOFER Workshop was celebrated on September 18th 2018, at the CEBAS-CSIC Research Center in Murcia, to present the final results on nutrients recovery in WWTPs through the biofilm cultivation of microalgae and their use as a component of bio-based fertilizers.

All PowerPoint presentations of this event are available in the following link:

– Final TL-BIOFER Workshop (Murcia CEBAS-CSIC).


The workshop was introduced by Jose Maria Gomez, from BPE and Carlos García Izquierdo, from CEBAS-CSIC. The technical content of the workshop was divided into three different sessions. First part was focused on key aspects of TL-BIOFER project. Then a presentation regarding Microalgae cultivation and Pilot development took place (University of Córdoba). This section finished with a presentation of after LIFE activities, challenges and opportunities (BPE).

In the second part, dedicated to the valorization of microalgae as component for bio-based fertilisers, was presented the microalgae characterization (presented by BPE), the agronomic evaluation (presented by CEBAS-CSIC) and the technical, commercial and legal formulation of microalgae as bio-based fertilizers (presented by BPE).

In the third session, were presented two innovative research projects focused on microalgae-based technologies for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment:

  • Improved energy efficiency in WWTPs through microalgae” presented by Rául Muñoz from University of Valladolid.
  • “A study of duckweed natural variation for swine wastewater treatment” presented by Antonio Leyva from CNB-CSIC.

The final TL-BIOFER workshop finished with a roundtable to discuss about future prospects of microalgae as component of bio-based fertilisers.


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