Ecogestion and Competitiveness in Agribusiness . The Wine Sector: A Practical Experience of Carbon Sequestration

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The TL-BIOFER project on December 2, 2015 was invited to participate in the workshop “Eco-management and competitiveness in agro-industry. The wine sector: a practical experience of carbon sequestration “, which took place at the Estacada de la Estacada in Tarancón (Cuenca).

During the day in which other LIFE projects for the Environment were also presented, partners of the TL-BIOFER Project participated, explaining the foundations and preliminary results of the project to the attendees.

The meeting was aimed at LIFE projects linked to environmental improvement in different aspects that had synergies with the Integral Carbon project and any interested party to learn about the experiences in the call and to find new collaborators.

To end the conference, a visit was made to the demonstration plant of Photobioreactors of Greenhouse Gas Catch in Bodegas Fontana guided by the technical team of the LIFE + INTEGRAL CARBON Project.

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