After-LIFE dissemination activities of TL-BIOFER Project

 In Highlights

Last 24th January, 2019 TL-BIOFER was presented in the European Biostimulants interactive Summit 2019 (Madrid, Spain) as planned within the After-LIFE communiation activities of the project.

During the presentación, microalgae fertiliser profile and its agronomic evaluation as component of bio-based fertilisers were presented to an specialized audience by Jose María Gómez Palacios (BIOMASA PENINSULAR). Moreover, José María talked about the future regulation of microalgae bio-based fertilisers under revised regulation as well as the potential for microalgae production in biofilms.

The presentation is available in the following link:

European Biostimulants interactive Summit 2019- José María Gómez Palacios


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