The present proposal is organised in the following actions to reach the objectives:

  • Preparatory action: a careful planning that will be carried out in a meeting at the beginning of the Project.
    Implementation actions:
  • Strain selection by isolation of strains from test site and pre-screening and nutrient uptake capacities tests.
  • Demonstration of the feasibility and potential of the TWIN LAYER prototype for nutrient removal (N and P) through:
  • Design, construction and on-site installation of TWIN LAYER prototype at the WWTP.
  • Operation, maintenance and optimization of the TWIN LAYER prototype for two years.
  •  Validation of the obtained results and emulation of the TWIN LAYER technology potential for replication and deployment in the EU and other geographical areas.
  • Development of biofertilizers from the microalgal biomass collecteed operating the TL-prototype, by means of:
  • After harvesting, drying and conditioning, full analytical characterization of microalgal biomass to evaluate its potential as biofertilizer.
  • Evaluation of different microalgal biofertilizers formulations: lab test, pot greenhouse test and agronomical field trials.
  • Design and production tests of new microalgae based biofertilizers (at least 3 new products) based on the results obtained in the previous characterization and agronomical testing.
  • Communication and dissemination of the Project by:
  • Dissemination plan, project’s logo design, notice boards, specific website, Layman’s report, press releases to mass media, participation in conferences, scientific papers, organization of workshops…
  • Project management and monitoring of the Project progress through:
  • Careful planning, a clear and concise work plan of control and oversight activities and the development of a contingency plan among others means.
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